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Prophylaxis and On Demand Treatment

Both preventative and on demand treatment can be administered at home. The benefits of self infusion at home means that bleeds can be treated quickly and this reduces disruption to normal family life. Depending on the severity of the bleeding disorder parents and children are taught to self infuse, alternatively a device called a Portacath can be used to facilitate venous access until self infusion into the veins is practical.

Prophylaxis is recommended for all children with severe factor deficiencies. Prophylaxis involves small regular infusions of factor concentrate to prevent spontaneous bleeding and to minimise traumatic bleeding. This treatment regime although difficult to start with will prevent joint damage and will lead to improved quality of life. Below is a video of Adam taking control and self infusing to inspire others to treat themselves!

On demand treatment is usually used for mild to moderate factor deficiencies although this may vary from child to child. This involves treating with factor concentrates when needed after trauma. Again most families learn to treat at home. Education from a young age is always an important factor in bringing up children with Haemophilia.