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Real Life Stories

In this section we have included real life stories courtesy of Haemophilia Scotland. We are keen to expand this section and if you wish your experiences with Haemophilia to be included on our website we would be pleased to hear from you. You can of course maintain your anonymity if you choose to.

Haemophilia Scotland Life Stories

Ros Cooper’s mum Juliet Batten has written this lovely book on raising a child with Von Willebrand’s Disease, Funny Blood.

This link directs you to Ros’s blog which is an interesting insight into Ros’s daily life

The following link takes you to The DogStar Theatre Company and their production of Factor 9, the life story of two Haemophilia’s Bruce Norval and Robert Mackie who suffered with the trauma of contaminated blood. The moving and gripping production has played to audiences in Scotland, Wales Sweden and Denmark and was featured at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe.

Factor 9 play