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Infected Blood Inquiry Legal Representation Form

Haemophilia Wales believe it is vital that victims and their families have a strong voice in the Infected Blood Inquiry.

We can also ensure that we maintain a Welsh voice in the Inquiry and this cannot be achieved if we were part of one large group of victims across the UK.

We would urge all to put your story before the Public Inquiry. If you wish to give, or to provide evidence, please register with us. We can arrange free legal assistance in taking you through the process and preparing your evidence.

Haemophilia Wales has been accepted as organisational core participants of the Infected Blood Inquiry, and are represented and assisted in the inquiry by Watkins & Gunn Solicitor’s.

In accepting our applications the Inquiry has recognised that,

– We have been acting in the interests of many of those who have also registered with our solicitors Watkins & Gunn.

– We have been significantly involved in matters to which the Inquiry relates, and

– Our involvement will facilitate the better management of the Inquiry.

We are particularly pleased that the Inquiry recognises the need for a voice from the devolved regions of the UK.

Being a core participant in the Inquiry will help Haemophilia Wales continue to represent the interest of both our members but also Wales as a whole. We will continue to work closely with the other patient interest core participants throughout the UK to ensure the inquiry fulfils its Terms of Reference and gets to the truth.

if you would still like to register with  our Solicitors Watkins & Gunn and to obtain their help in applying for core participant status, or to give evidence, then you still can still do so. All legal costs linked to the inquiry, and consistent with its terms, will be paid by the inquiry. You can register by completing the inquiry form on our website haemophiliawales.org, call or call our Inquiry helpline 0300 124 0 400 or text ‘Legal Inquiry’ to 67777