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Further Reading

We would like to thank the Irish Haemophilia Society for allowing us to use their comprehensive range of information booklets. The information they contain is detailed and extremely informative. Where they refer you as a carer, patient or clinician to medical centres you should contact your local Haemophilia centre.

If you wish to read more about ‘How to recognise a bleed, Information for Teachers and Playgroup leaders or Introduction to Portocaths’ please click here


Resource list for adults: Books and Web sites 

Mindfulness for Health – a practical guide to relieving pain, reducing stress and restoring well-being. By Vidyamala Burch & Danny Penman, Piatkus 2013 – ISBN: 074995924X





Overcoming anger and irritability by William Davies – ISBN: 1849011311

Overcoming anxiety, stress and panic, a five areas approach by Chris Williams – ISBN: 0340986557

Living with bereavement by Alex James – ISBN: 0716021668

Overcoming depression and low mood: a five areas approach by Chris Williams – ISBN: 0340986050

Total Relaxation (paperback + cd) by John Harvey – ISBN: 9781568362243


Resource list for children and families: Books

Finding a way through when someone has died by P.Mood / L.Whittaker – A workbook for families – ISBN: 1853029203

Confident children by G.Lindenfield – Promoting Resilience – ISBN: 722539568

Understanding 12-14 year olds by M.Waddell – Teenage Development – ISBN: 1843103672

How to talk so teens will listen and listen so teens will talk – by Elaine Mazlish – ISBN: 0060741260

What to do when temper flares – A kids guide. Dawn Huebner for ages 6 to 12 – ISBN: 1591473144