What is Haemophilia?

Haemophilia describes a group of Inherited Bleeding Disorders in which there is a missing or reduced clotting factor in the blood. Haemophilia can be Severe, Moderate or Mild. Haemophilia A is the most common and is due to a deficiency of Factor V111 (Factor 8), Haemophilia B or Christmas Disease is caused by a deficiency in Factor 1X (Factor 9). Some signs of Haemophilia are large bruises, bleeding into muscles and Joints, spontaneous bleeding and bleeding for a long time after a cut or surgery.

Haemophilia Centres in Wales

Cardiff - 02920 743403 (Daytime) / 02920 747747 (Out of Hours)

Bangor - 01248 348008 (Daytime) / 01248 384384 (Out of Hours)

Swansea - 01792 200368 (Daytime) / 01792 205666 (Out of Hours)

Abergavenny - 01873 732372 (Daytime) / 01873 732732 (Out of Hours)


Haemophilia Wales is calling for Justice for victims of the contaminated blood disaster

Who we are?

Haemophilia Wales provides information, support and advocacy to everyone with Haemophilia, Von Willebrands and other bleeding disorders, including their families and carers. In Wales there are approximately 900 people with an Inherited Bleeding Disorder, Haemophilia is a lifelong condition it is therefore important that you and your child learn about the condition in order to enjoy a healthy life.

Haemophilia is treatable and a child born with Haemophilia in Wales can look forward to a normal life expectancy and an excellent quality of life.

Our Vision is to ensure that we have choice in the care we receive and a voice for everyone with a bleeding disorder in Wales and ultimately a cure.

Our Mission
- To provide Information, Support and Advocacy for everyone with a Bleeding Disorder
- To ensure access to Comprehensive care and new treatments
- To campaign for an acknowledgement and compensation for Haemophiliacs infected with contaminated blood products in the 1970s & 1980s

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